Extended ECM (formerly known as Content Suite Platform)

About Extended ECM

Extended ECM is OpenText's flagship enterprise CMS platform that enables companies to securely govern the complete information lifecycle.

The following introductory labs provide the core skills you need to use Extended ECM on a day-to-day basis. The labs are designed for business users and knowledge workers who need a basic understanding of product features and capabilities.

44 mins
30 points
Introduction to Extended ECM Smart User Interface - Part 1

Designed for all users, this lab will introduce you to the Extended ECM smart user interface. After completing this module, you’ll have the basic skills that you’ll need to use Extended ECM.

48 mins
40 points
Introduction to Extended ECM Smart User Interface - Part 2

In this lab module, you'll learn more about the Extended ECM smart user experience, such as personalized landing pages, records management, using Microsoft Office to edit documents, and more.

35 mins
25 points
Getting started with Extended ECM Perspectives

In this lab module you'll learn how to build and use Extended ECM perspectives. Perspectives allows you to customize the appearance and layout of the Extended ECM user interface.

24 mins
40 points
An introduction to Extended ECM workflow

This hands-on lab introduces you to the basics of Extended ECM workflow, from participating in a workflow process to building and testing a new workflow map

37 mins
40 points
Introduction to Intelligent Viewing

This lab is a beginners Guide to Intelligent Viewing. OpenText Intelligent Viewing provides web-based viewing for numerous file formats as well as the ability to search text, markup, print and publish files from within the viewer.