Experience Cloud

About Experience Cloud

The OpenText™ Experience Cloud platform integrates experiences, media, communications, messaging and data for customer experience management in one cohesive platform.

Product labs are available to introduce you to OpenText Media Management and OpenText Exstream.

20 mins
10 points
Exstream Cloud Native to InfoArchive

This lab provides a walk-through of the Exstream Cloud Native to InfoArchive connector, demonstrating how files managed by OpenText's customer communications platform - Exstream, can be archived directly in InfoArchive.

None mins
10 points
Experience Aviator

In this lab you'll see how AI is used to transform customer communications by automating the creation of personalized content for marketing and customer service professionals.

25 mins
10 points
Introduction to OpenText Media Management (Click-Tour)

In this introductory lab you'll learn about OpenText's leading enterprise Digital Asset Management solution, that delivers workflow-driven, multichannel capabilities for producing, publishing, and distributing digital media and content through a secure, scalable platform.

22 mins
10 points
OpenText Exstream Content Author

Designed for all users, this introductory lab will give you a basic understanding of Exstream Content Author, which enables marketing professionals to easily create, change and personalize customer communications to drive action.

27 mins
10 points
OpenText Exstream Communications Designer

This lab will give you a basic understanding of Exstream Communications Designer which enables less technical users to design responsive customer communications for a variety of formats, screen sizes and device types.