Category: Beginner

Core for Microsoft Teams (Click-Tour)

This Click-Tour provides an overview of key features of OpenText™ Core for Microsoft Teams including: Document co-authoring, using Core as a repository for Microsoft Teams and integration with signature and workflow capabilities. Choose a feature to explore from the menu below, or simply click on the button to start the tour.

Core for Salesforce (Click-Tour)

This Click-Tour shows how Core Content can help sales departments to leverage Salesforce integration to improve productivity, automate processes and manage business document approvals and signatures. In the click-tour you’ll follow Nick Wheeler, an account manager at Innovate Corporation, as he uses Core to manage his daily work.

Core for SAP SuccessFactors (Click-Tour)

OpenText™ Core for SAP® SuccessFactors® is an HR solution that integrates directly into SuccessFactors processes. It helps manage employee documentation using SAP-integrated employee data to generate personalized employee communication while adhering to compliance requirements. This Click-Tour provides an overview of key features.

Core for Google Workspace (Click-Tour)

This click-tour shows how the integration of Core with Google Workspace and Salesforce powers smarter digital employee experiences and streamlines business processes by embedding content management into lead applications. Follow sales executive Nick Wheeler as he uses Core to manage a new sales opportunity.

Governance and protection with Core (Click-Tour)

Core's governance and protection capabilities deliver consistent visibility and policy control across all your business content. Records managers can develop, deploy and track retention policies, perform legal holds, and report on compliance. Take this click-tour lab to explore the capabilities.

Core Workflow (Click-Tour)

Simplifies repeatable, content-heavy processes such as contract review and approvals, with configurable workflow templates