Category: Enterprise Content Management

Introduction to Intelligent Viewing

This lab is a beginners Guide to Intelligent Viewing. OpenText Intelligent Viewing provides web-based viewing for numerous file formats as well as the ability to search text, markup, print and publish files from within the viewer.

Extended ECM for Engineering (Click-Tour)

This lab will provide you with a product overview of OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering. You’ll run through a series of typical usages scenarios, taking on different user roles including: a document controller, engineering project manager, engineer and an external contractor.

Extended ECM for SalesForce (Click-Tour)

In this lab exercise, you’ll learn how OpenTextTM Extended ECM for Salesforce® connects cloud services to the OpenText Extended ECM Platform and surfaces ECM capabilities and content inside the Salesforce user interface. You’ll take part in a Click-Tour of the OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce® product that will guide you through several use-case scenarios.

Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 CE (Click-Tour)

In this lab you’ll learn how to access Office 365 facilities via Content Server connected workspaces. You’ll see how to work with Office 365 features in Content Server – including access to the Office 365 team calendar and threaded conversations. You learn how to access and work with documents that reside in SharePoint and how to access connected workspace content from the SharePoint UI

Core Share and Core Signature

OpenText™ Core Signature is an enterprise-grade electronic signature solution that allows employees and third parties to sign quotes, contracts and other documents in a fast, compliant and hassle-free way. Integrated with OpenText™ Core Share, Core Signature offers users a unified solution to solve your enterprise content collaboration and approval needs.

Connected Workspaces

Step through a simple demo of Content Server connected workspaces (using a Legal Case scenario)