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Core for Microsoft Teams (Click-Tour)

This Click-Tour provides an overview of key features of OpenText™ Core for Microsoft Teams including: Document co-authoring, using Core as a repository for Microsoft Teams and integration with signature and workflow capabilities. Choose a feature to explore from the menu below, or simply click on the button to start the tour.

Extended ECM for Microsoft Office 365 CE (Click-Tour)

In this lab you’ll learn how to access Office 365 facilities via Content Server connected workspaces. You’ll see how to work with Office 365 features in Content Server – including access to the Office 365 team calendar and threaded conversations. You learn how to access and work with documents that reside in SharePoint and how to access connected workspace content from the SharePoint UI

Extended ECM for Office 365

In this click-tour we'll introduce you to OpenText's Extended ECM Solution for Microsoft Office 365, which brings together unstructured business content (such as Orders, Quotes, Product Information and Customer Correspondence), with business processes in SalesForce, SAP Solutions and/or Microsoft Dynamics 365.