IT Operations

Gain real time insight into your on & off cloud carbon footprint with Operations Bridge

  Level 1
  17 mins


About This Lab

In this click-tour, you’ll learn how you can monitor the usage of infrastructure components and report the carbon usage of those components with Operations Bridge dashboards. This visibility allows you to manage resources usage to better minimize your carbon footprint. Simply click on the button to start the tour.

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Using a Click Tour Lab

Click Tours are built using an application called DemoEasel. DemoEasel's technology makes it fast and easy to create an offline demo (simulation) that perfectly mimics a live software experience.

Navigating the demo

Each tour takes you through a business use case where you will take the role of a user of the chosen product. You can run through the demo in order by clicking on the red boxes, or by using the navigation links provided at the top of the screen to jump from page to page. And a narrative is provided at the bottom of your browser window that will help you to follow the demo.

If you get lost, just remember the simple instructions below to get you back on track:

  • F2 - Toggles red help boxes
  • Click Near Top - Flashes next Red Box
  • Right/Left Arrows - move forward/backward
  • Top Left menu to see the notes below the page

That’s all there is to it!

Enjoy the tour and be sure to share your feedback with our designers.