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Using Magellan Text Mining for Content Server Content Metadata Enrichment

  Level 1
  31 mins

In this lab module you will learn how to use Magellan Text Mining to enrich content stored in OpenText Content Server by auto-populating metadata values using artificial intelligence.

Designed for all users, this introductory lab will let you experience firsthand the powerful combination of Magellan Text Mining and Content Server. The text mining engine crawls the document contents in the Content Server repository and extracts metadata in the form of categories and attributes like entities, organizations, people and concepts. These results get written back to the Content Server and are made available as a faceted search using multiple filters that specify the different aspects and qualities of the documents being searched for. This lab uses content metadata enrichment with Content Server, but it can also be used with Documentum and any other ECM repository.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Automatically enrich a set of documents in Content Server with metadata derived from a text mining process
  • Perform a multi-faceted search on a set of documents in Content Server using newly discovered categories and attributes obtained from the document contents.
  • Understand how this solution improves document search capabilities, classification verification and compliance standards adherence.
  • Firefox or Chrome browser

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