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Using Magellan Text Mining for Content Server Automatic Classification

  Level 1
  31 mins

Designed for all users, this introductory lab will give you a basic understanding of how to annotate and analyze your Content Server documents using Magellan Text Mining.

This lab will take you through a records management classification scenario based on a Magellan Text Mining knowledge base taxonomy. The lab provides the fundamental steps that are required to automatically annotate documents in Content Server with a records management classification provided by advanced text mining artificial intelligence (AI) analysis. Unlike most other classification software, the resulting classification is based on the document contents, not the document metadata.

On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Set up a document crawling job in Text Mining Studio
  • Automatically annotate a set of documents in Content Server with records management classifications
  • Understand how AI trained models improve the text mining results for classification and analysis
  • Firefox or Chrome browser

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