Category: Digital Process Automation


America’s premiere Public Broadcast Network and media enterprise continues their industry-leading innovation to manage and distribute marketing, promotional, and program content for all their member stations with OpenText Media Management and workflow orchestration using OpenText AppWorks


Global leader in Human Resources consulting and related services leverages OpenText AppWorks platform to streamline administration processes

CIZ (Netherlands Ministry of Health)

OpenText AppWorks Business Process Management provides extensive re-use of components, significantly reducing deployment times, decreasing cost, and improving efficiency

Contract Center

In this click-through tutorial a contract system administrator shows how Contract Center let her company standardize and streamline their contract lifecycle management process, boosting operational efficiency and reducing compliance risk. After an interface overview she introduces the Standard Library, shows how to generate a contract using Standard Library components, walks a contract through the lifecycle from drafting to execution, and demonstrates one method of bringing existing contracts into the system for ongoing management and reporting.

AppWorks Low-Code Development

The AppWorks Low-Code Development click-tour provides set by step instructions that will take you through the steps required to build a simple application with AppWorks