Magellan Text Mining Enablement

Fundamentals - Getting Started

  Level 1
  138 mins

Fundamentals - Getting Started

This module is an introductory set of sessions and demos. It will start with the basic concepts and definitions for Content Analytics, move the first steps into Magellan Text Mining and finish with the platform installation and a workshop to consolidate the learned concept and test the installed software.

In this introductory lab you will discover the power of Magellan by taking a tour of several demo applications that we’ve created to showcase Magellan capabilities.

This introductory course covers the following topics:

  • Understand Content Analytics
  • Understand Magellan Text Mining Functions
  • Install Text Mining
  • Perform Magellan Text Mining calls using out of the box Libraries via REST API Client and via Magellan Text Mining Studio​
  • Modification and creation of new Authority Files, Knowledge Bases and Composite AI Rules​
  • Enablement on existing Text Mining demos available in TestDrive
  • Firefox or Chrome browser required to access and view the lessons

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