Magellan Text Mining Enablement

About this course

This course is a self-paced set of materials which will walk the student across their enablement of Magellan Text Mining.​ The Fundamentals enablement is structured in 2 modules. These 2 modules are prerequisites to the Advanced enablement module.

138 mins
10 points
Fundamentals - Getting Started

This module is an introductory set of sessions and demos. It will start with the basic concepts and definitions for Content Analytics, move the first steps into Magellan Text Mining and finish with the platform installation and a workshop to consolidate the learned concept and test the installed software.

177 mins
10 points
Fundamentals - Deeper into Magellan Text Mining

This module goes deeper into the linguistic modules offered by Magellan Text Mining and offer a number of step-by-step workshops which are aimed to provide the student with all the tools needed for operating Magellan Text Mining on projects.​

227 mins
10 points
Advanced - Magellan Text Mining

This module focuses on the creation and modification of new custom Authority Files (NER), Knowledge Bases (Classification) and Composite AI Rules. The module will start with a recap of basic concepts for the linguistic modules NER and classification as well as overlaying functionality of Composite AI, moving to practical exercises of custom model creation.