Cybersecurity Cloud Labs

About OpenText Cybersecurity Cloud

OpenText™ Cybersecurity helps organizations of all sizes protect their most valuable and sensitive information. Our portfolio of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions offers 360-degree visibility across an organization, enhancing security and trust every step of the way.

None mins
10 points
Cybersecurity Aviator

In this demo lab you'll see how using generative AI, Aviator brings a new level of understanding and interpretation of threat discovery data to OpenText's ArcSight Intelligence product.

29 mins
10 points
Seamless Investigations with EnCase Endpoint Investigator

Using OpenText™ Endpoint Investigator Pathways to speed up investigations while maintaining consistency.

36 mins
10 points
Pivot From Alerts to Threat Hunt with Opentext NDR

This lab shows you how to pivot from alerts to threat hunting with Opentext Network Detection and Response (NDR). Convert alerts into targeted investigations, uncover hidden security threats, and enhance your security knowledge in this interactive session.