Category: Intermediate

How to Create and Use an AI Model to Predict Customer Churn

In this module, you will learn how to create and use an AI model to predict customer churn. Magellan Notebook will be used to show how a data scientist creates the AI model. Magellan Data Discovery will be used to show how a business user utilizes the AI model.

Pivot From Alerts to Threat Hunt with Opentext NDR

This lab shows you how to pivot from alerts to threat hunting with Opentext Network Detection and Response (NDR). Convert alerts into targeted investigations, uncover hidden security threats, and enhance your security knowledge in this interactive session.

Extended ECM for Engineering (Click-Tour)

This lab will provide you with a product overview of OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering. You’ll run through a series of typical usages scenarios, taking on different user roles including: a document controller, engineering project manager, engineer and an external contractor.