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Introduction to Documentum D2 Smartview

  Level 1
  15 mins

This lab is an introduction to the agile user experience capabilities of the OpenText Documentum D2 Smartview UI. OpenText Documentum D2 is an advanced, intuitive, and configurable content-centric client for Documentum that helps accelerate adoption of ECM applications.

The OpenText Documentum D2 Client is a web-based application for users that provides the ability to interact with content in one or more repositories. You use D2 Client to configure a user interface that streamlines necessary content management processes. For example, an interface displays widgets for a line of business. Normally, this means someone managing content would face difficulties trying to use an ill-suited user interface. D2 Client enables the user to create a workspace suited specifically for specific line of business users containing only the information and components necessary to perform specific tasks.

A workspace is a working area or container of components or widgets that allows you to personalize functionality for availability and convenience. A widget is a graphical user interface (GUI) element that you use to construct a workspace. You select and change widgets to personalize workspace templates to suit your needs. Widgets enable you to search and access information as well as manage content workflows and lifecycles.

D2 Client allows you to:

  • Personalize the user interface using widgets and workspaces.
  • Perform searches across one or more repositories.
  • Create, import, edit, modify, and delete content.
  • Organize content manually and automatically using relationships, metadata, and so on.
  • Use content lifecycle and workflow processes as constructed by administrators.
  • This lab is built using the Documentum D2 23.2 demo image.
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