AI Cloud

Introduction to Magellan

  Level 1
  34 mins

OpenText Magellan is a pre-configured solution that delivers AI, machine learning, data discovery, task automation, business optimization, and sophisticated dashboarding that enables enterprises to make smarter decisions with their data.

In this introductory lab you will discover the power of Magellan by taking a tour of several demo applications that we’ve created to showcase Magellan capabilities.

The lab covers the following applications:

  • Text Mining - using Natural Language Processing in Magellan to convert raw text to quantifiable data
  • Techtracker - using Magellan to read, learn, analyze and vizualize complex data, such as competitive intelligence
  • Smart Migration - in this example, we’ll use Magellan to analyze ECM content to speed up content migration
  • G7 Tracker - highlights Magellan’s capabilities for rich, large scale and highly interactive analysis of complex and diverse unstructured data sources.
  • Contract Analysis - in this demo we use Magellan to extract meaningful and insightful data from professional services contracts
  • Firefox or Chrome browser

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