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Core for Salesforce (Click-Tour)

This Click-Tour shows how Core Content can help sales departments to leverage Salesforce integration to improve productivity, automate processes and manage business document approvals and signatures. In the click-tour you’ll follow Nick Wheeler, an account manager at Innovate Corporation, as he uses Core to manage his daily work.

Extended ECM for SalesForce (Click-Tour)

In this lab exercise, you’ll learn how OpenTextTM Extended ECM for Salesforce® connects cloud services to the OpenText Extended ECM Platform and surfaces ECM capabilities and content inside the Salesforce user interface. You’ll take part in a Click-Tour of the OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce® product that will guide you through several use-case scenarios.

Extended ECM for Sales Departments

In this click-tour demo you'll learn how OpenText Extended ECM solutions can help sales departments and related business functions effectively manage enterprise information, including data and document archiving, imaging, document management, collaboration, certified records management, and application-spanning virtual views of related information to your SAP and CRM systems.

Extended ECM for SalesForce

In this click-through tutorial, we’ll introduce you to OpenText Extended ECM Solution for Salesforce, which brings together unstructured business content (such as Orders, Quotes, Product Information and Customer correspondence), with business processes in Salesforce for Sales, Marketing and Services.