Category: IT-OPS

Introduction to AIOps with Operations Bridge

In this click-tour, you’ll learn the breadth of capabilities available to help manage your complex IT estate from cloud to containers and from physical to virtual. Key capabilities include discovery and monitoring, dashboards, event performance, incident lifecycle management, cross-domain analysis, and automated remediation. ​

Easy button for a 3rd party integration with Operations Bridge IHUB

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to integrate Operations Bridge with 3rd party monitoring and ITSM applications, specifically Dynatrace in this example. Once the integration steps are complete, you’ll see how topology and events are synchronized between Operations Bridge and Dynatrace.

ITOM Aviator

In this lab you'll see how generative AI is used by SMAX to help agents and empower users to find answers and resolve problems faster.

Rapid Observability for on and off cloud with OpScope

This click-tour provides an overview of how OpScope quickly monitors and effectively troubleshoots applications that span both on and off cloud to help analyze your IT estate’s performance and behavior. Learn about OpenTelemetry and OpenText OpScope in this lab. Simply click on the button to start the tour.