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Core Case Management

  Level 1
  19 mins


About OpenText Core Case Management

Core Case Management is a cloud solution from OpenText that enables users to automate ad-hoc business process, such as: incident case management, purchasing approvals and requests for proposals. In this tutorial you’ll follow a typical use-case example of an RFP process.

Request for Proposal - Use Case

A Core Case Management case template has been created for this exercise.

The template defines five different stages in the RFP process. The first step captures the details of in the request, including a brief description (max 30 words), the requester’s name, the RFP category (e.g. software or hardware) and the dollar value. The next stage is broken down into the key deliverables of the RFP response, such as the the cover letter and pricing proposal. This is followed by a review by different parties, printing and shipping and then the process is closed with a win loss report and automated email notifications.

A companion workspace has been created in Core Content and mapped to the Case Template.

Integration with Core Content

Case management integration with Core Content workspaces brings content into context by synchronizing key case data with the workspace providing a single source of truth for case information

In this short exercise, you’ll create a new Case to manage an incoming Request for Proposal. You’ll see how case attributes are mapped to workspace attributes and how Core Case workers add content to the workspace from the Case Management user interface.

This lab will teach you the basics of the new platform from an end-user perspective. You will be using a shared Core Case Management tenant to complete the exercises, and you’ll be given a numbered Student account to logon.

The lab should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.

So, roll your sleeves up and let’s get started….

  • This lab requires access to a web browser, for best results use:
    Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox
  • Familiarity with basic Windows operations, such as drag and drop.
  • Basic knowledge of office applications

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