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Core Capture for Salesforce

  Level 1
  26 mins


About OpenText Core Capture for Salesforce

Traditionally, providing Proof of Address is a manual, cumbersome process that delivers a poor account opening experience. Relying on manual checks to verify residency documentation introduces the potential for human errors and creates unnecessary friction and delays for customers.

As there are many document types and providers, document review standards can vary widely, creating possible failure points due to forgery or theft. Relying on manual checks of physical documents is inefficient but core capture with salesforce can remove the delays and make the proves more efficient

In this lab, we are demonstrating the customer onboarding process at Vandelay Bank. We will show you, how this process can be streamlined, using Core Capture for Salesforce to automatically ingest and classify documents.

Core Capture for Salesforce® automates document capture, recognition, classification and information processing. The solution integrates with the Salesforce automation framework, exposing the capabilities of Core Capture.

This lab will teach you the basics of the new platform from an end-user perspective. You will be using a shared Salesforce Org to complete the exercises.

The lab should take you approximately 40 minutes to complete.

So, let’s get started….

  • This lab requires access to a web browser, for best results use:
    Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox
  • Familiarity with basic Windows operations, such as drag and drop.

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